General Guidelines

alertnest's mission is to provide our neighborhoods with a trusted community stewardship platform supported by a network of active members, media, and community enhancement groups. The company allows members to identify neighborhood needs, highlight solutions, and alert their community to suspicious behavior by posting messages, photos, and videos. All is supported by crime data provided by law enforcement agencies.

In an effort to provide a truly beneficial platform, we may have to remove posts and comments that discriminate, insult, or belittle alertnest community members. Our community alerting platform can enhance your neighborhood only if we all agree to the following guidelines.

Keep Posting Family Friendly and Clean

So, no inappropriate content. This includes threats, harassment, lewdness, hate speech, and other displays of bigotry. Do not use profanity. It will not help the cause and may offend your neighbors.

No Threats of Any Kind

Once uncovered, threats to the safety of others will result in an immediate call to the local authorities by alertnest and the community.

No Harassment, Bigotry, Racial Profiling of Any Kind

alertnest builds strong communities. Wonderful, ethnically diverse communities where neighbors help neighbors and Community Angels conduct needed acts of kindness. Consequently, we prohibit posts that assume someone is suspicious because of their race or ethnicity. We believe that bigotry is contradictory to community building. A strong community has trust and people interested in service. At alertnest, we take a strong position against shaming. Although our platform is private, it is welcoming to all interested members.

Posting is Not a Soapbox

The internet is littered with sites that seek political or religious opinions. Our community alerting platform allows for community enhancement opportunities and the sharing of safety issues. As opposed to using alertnest to share political ideology or religious opinions, we request that you enjoy the platform for what it is and what does for your community.

Promotion and Solicitation

alertnest loves relevant recommendations that enhance your community and neighbor’s lifestyles, but please limit the commercial noise for solicitation.


Private things should be kept private. You can’t post:

Illegal Goods and Services

Don’t ever attempt to sell, solicit, or offer of any illegal goods or services. If you believe that posts in your neighborhood violate this rule, please contact us at and forward the post to the local authorities. Further, we prohibit pornographic inferences and photographs.

Crime or a Suspicious Person

When posting, details matter. Generic posts will not help much.

Here is an example of a good post:

Now, here is a bad post:

Hopes of catching a criminal are based on details and lots of them.

The link below was prepared by Homeland Security to help you identify suspicious activity.