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Your neighborhood, your home, your world, your nest. You carefully chose where you live because it seems like a safe place to walk down the street, visit your neighbors and let your children play outside. But sudden forces beyond your control—vandalism, break-ins, kidnappings and violent crimes—can threaten the safety of your community, leaving you uncertain and scared.

Our goal at alertnest is to restore your feeling of safety and security. With real-time daily crime alerts, customizable search functions and crowdsourcing features, alertnest empowers residents to stay informed of criminal activity in and around their neighborhood to keep their families and neighbors safe. alertnest is fast, fact-checked and reliable, because that’s what you deserve.

Know your nest. Alert the rest. A connected community is the first line of defense, so if you witness criminal activity or have an update, alertnest encourages you to share it through our crowdsourcing capability, chirp. While local law enforcement does what it can, alertnest understands that those who know your neighborhood best are the people who live in it—and the sharpest eyes on the ground are yours.


A community built by you and your neighbors.


A community built by you and your neighbors.


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